RootsTech 2012

Yesterday I drove a couple of miles from my home to RootsTech 2012, in downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah.  What an amazing experience.

Family history has a lot of meaning for me. We are taught by the prophets that we need to help our ancestors receive the saving ordinances such as baptism.  Also we learn who we are when we find out where our family has been.

Yesterday I got to meet lots of people who want to help me learn about my precious long-lost ancestors. I talked with fellow programmers like the lady at Magi Census. We shared a few GEDCOM parsing war stories. (Where else could I do that?)

I met a lot of people who want to help bring to life the stories of my ancestors.    So along that theme,  I now present a few moments that I saved from yesterday, against the backdrop of my favorite poem,  The Family Genealogy, by Donald Lines Jacobus:

Compendium of Dullness, in your pages
Name crowds on name; the humble and the great
Each in few lines receives his equal wages,
And headstrong passions crumble to a date.
Here are the founders of a mighty nation;
Here are the pioneers who won the soil,
As generation followed generation,
With axe and plough and with back-breaking toil.
Here are the women of a hardy people,
weakness and doubt yielding to faith held fast;
The pulled-up stakes; eyes lifted to the steeple;
Farewells to home; the new homes gained at last.
Here are the hints of buried old romances;
The broken families, and the too young dead;
The autumn frolics and the village dances;
Roll of recruiting drums, the soldier’s tread.
And here are darker things, now long forgotten;
The unwed mothers; the deserted wives;
Misdeeds of rogues far better unbegotten;
Heartbreak and self-destruction; ruined lives.
All this and far, far more is in these pages
If we might clothe with flesh the lifeless names,
Parade the knaves, the saints, the fools, the sages,
And resurrect their obloquies and fames.
Their names, their dates, are entered in a column,
The unjust here embalmed beside the just;
And in the pages of this dusty volumn
A second time they moulder into dust.

Here is to the RootsTech people who are helping my family history from mouldering a second time into dust.

— Larry Maddocks

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