Create a Geo Presentation

Want to make your mark in this world? Here’s your chance to populate the earth with your unique experiences about places and history and educational stuff.  This is all new as of Tuesday, January 8, 2013, and until I create an app to do it, you’ll have to learn to store images in the cloud or somewhere on the web, and maybe record your voice, etc.

So become one of the first alpha-testers and get your story on this new earth.

Only G-rated, educational material is allowed; this will be viewed by the public.

You can use a spreadsheet or a form to create a presentation with audio and video and photos. This process will improve as development funds become available. Download the spreadsheet from here if you have more than one slide in your presentation. If you only have a comment on another presentation or only one slide, use the form.

After you have saved your presentation on the spreadsheet, use this page to upload your spreadsheet file to us so that we can add it to the project:

When adding your content to this project, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to our terms of use. We currently use the same terms as Click here to see that agreement. (Note: we are not associated with in any way).

To view a 3-d tour, you need the Google Earth plugin.  To get the Google Earth plugin, simply download and install Google Earth. If you still need help, there is a tutorial that might help.

I will be setting up a group on Google groups for people to help each other. Until then, log on this and leave a comment.

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